Current Issue

December 2014 - Volume 8, Issue 2


In this issue, our Roundtable discussion, moderated by Amine Stambouli, features Christopher Yamaya, Peter Kydd, Paul Jones, and Dean Toomey as they provide global perspectives on the water infrastructure sector.


The Perspectives section includes articles by our regular columnists, who articulate their viewpoints on public policy, finance, economics, and construction cost escalation on a recurring basis. The content of this section is time sensitive, i.e., the viewpoints expressed are based on the best available information as of October 2014 and are subject to change with evolving market conditions. In this issue, we are happy to welcome Emma Corcoran to our list of Perspectives columnists. Emma, with the help of the Australian Strategic Consulting Group, will be providing an economic overview of the Asia-Pacific region. Our roster of Perspectives columnists consists of Mort Downey (transportation policy), Peter Kydd (UK economic outlook), Emma Corcoran and Strategic Consult Australia (Asia-Pacific economic outlook), Shayan Lotfi (US economic outlook), Brad Ship and Matthew Deery (construction economics), and Matthew Deery (P3 outlook).


In the Articles section, Chris Swenson and David Ungemah discuss transportation cooperatives; Chris Mason, Gabriele Schliwa, Benjamin Bell, and James Evans investigate the usage of cycling apps as a tool for smarter infrastructure planning; Sean Libberton summarizes the historical compressed natural gas (CNG) market for transit vehicle fleets and makes a business case for CNG conversion; and David Carter examines the funding and financing of infrastructure in the UK.